Only About 10% Of People Have This Tiny Hole In Their Ears. The Truth Behind it Will Stun You!

Look into the mirror and shift your focus to your ear. Do you see something resembling a piercing just outside your ear? Check a friend’s ear too. Well, you may not find that hole in your ear, seeing as it’s very rare. In fact, only a handful of people have it. You want to know what this is all about!

You see, humans evolved from their earlier forms into the cute looks we’ve today. The hole in some people’s ears might be one of the last marks of evolution. It’s safe to say that these holes don’t cause any health complications unless infected with cysts. Well, now you really want to know what we call this hole. It’s referred to as the preauricular sinus. Sounds nice!

Due to its rarity, this occurrence is now looked at as a technical birth defect. If you’ve been wondering why someone would want to have an ear piercing at such a critical spot, now you know that it’s not really a piercing.

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