10-yr-old boy disappears in woods without a trace. Days later, he’s found unharmed thanks to dad’s genius trick

We’re in 2018, and most of kids are obsessed with phones, tablets. Instead of appreciating the beauty of nature surrounding them and spending good time with their loved ones, they prefer to spend their time scrolling in their social media accounts. It’s completely a different time from when I was growing up. I used to go gather my group of friends then head to the woods where we can play different games, climb tree or just relax on the grass. Thankfully, there are still parents who teach their children survival skills, which can save their lives one day if anything goes wrong when they’re alone in the woods.

When 10-year-old Malachi Bradley was walking with his family in the High Uintas, Utah, he was suddenly separated from them but instead of panicking and just sitting waiting for help, he remembered a lesson his dad once taught him. Now his incredible story of surviving completely alone in the forest has gone viral on social media.

Malachi knew that doing nothing will not do him good, so he immediately began trying to keep himself fed, hydrated and close to a fire. The woods in Utah are a great challenge for even the most experienced wilderness types. So the young boy’s parents were extremely concerned about their son. As the hours passed by and day became night, they started thinking of the worst. It was a nightmare for the parents. Rescue workers and police searched everywhere in helicopters and in search parties.

Then 30 hours after Malachi disappeared, he was found completely unscathed. Everyone had the same question: How did he do it?

30 hours after Malachi went missing but thankfully he was found safe and unharmed. So how did he do it?

He fished for food,d used his jacket as a water filter, he also tried his hand at a makeshift shelter to shield him from the elements when nightfall came.

“There’s just a ton of giant rocks, so I hid between four of them so the wind wouldn’t hit me too much,” Malachi told reporters shortly after he was found safe Monday afternoon following a nearly 29-hour search and was reunited with family members to cheers of joy.

Malachi didn’t sleep much overnight Monday because of that cold wind.

“I had to keep switching positions because the wind kept switching,” he said.

But Malachi endured the night without harm and was reunited with his loved ones about 3 p.m. after he was spotted from the air by searchers in a helicopter. Rescuers said he was in good condition, but was cold and hungry.

These small but simple tricks probably saved his life.

It might seem natural that  the boy did what he did, but now that most kids spend their lives online, it’s not entirely obvious. And it just goes to show you how important it is for parents to teach their children even the most basic survival strategies.

When Malachi went back to school, his classmates praised and celebrated him, something he definitely deserved.

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