As children, many people end up taking piano, violin, or even guitar lessons for a few years. Oftentimes, they eventually put these instruments down in favor of taking up other hobbies. Other times, however, a child ends up taking to these instruments and is so good at playing them that he or she just can’t walk away.

Thankfully, Alexandra Dovgan is not walking away from the piano anytime soon. In fact, the 10 year-old Russian child is being hailed as a piano prodigy after a video went viral showing one of her incredible performances.

The video was shot at the 2nd International Grand Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Moscow, where Alexandra decided to play Felix Mendelssohn’s “Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor, Op. 25.” The audience and judges alike were completely in awe as they watched Alexandra’s fingers fly across the keys effortlessly. She was so quick on the keys that we can’t imagine how the orchestra kept up!

It should come as no surprise that Alexandra ended up walking away with the grand prize once the competition was over!

This is just one of many awards that Alexandra has won. She won her first competition back in 2014, just two years after she started playing piano!

Video of this performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 277,000 times!

“It’s not just the fact that she’s playing this at age 10. It’s the fact that she has such a mature sound for her age. She definitely has a big-time career ahead of her,” one social media user wrote, with another adding, “Another darling little gift to us from heaven its self. Thank you, Lord!”

Check out her performance for yourself below!

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