101-Yr-Old Woman Gets Out of Car to Make 1st Snowball Ever – Her Reaction is Quickly Going Viral

It was while Armand Foisy was driving his mother who is 101 years of age when it started raining.  Since it was during winter season, the rain slowly turned to snow and the temperatures began freezing. His car was not able to adapt with the harsh conditions, so he parked it at the roadside to think of a solution.

According to his confession, he was about to start driving in the snow when his mother opened the car door at the passenger’s side and got out. This made him to also alight from the car and observe what she was up to. On seeing her smiling face, Foisy took out his smart phone and started recording.

The old mother run to a place where there was a lot of snow and bent to fill her hand with it. She was happy to do it as she looked at her son with excitement. She went ahead to make a snowball and started exclaiming how beautiful it was!

The reason why she was so excited is that she had spent a long time without seeing the snow, and on seeing it she felt as if she was a little child once again.

The lesson we learn from the clip below is that we should learn to value every minute and moments in life. For this reason, Armand had to share the lovely moments with his nearly dying mother.

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