16 Girls In Russians Gowns Take The Stage, But No One Could Believe It When They Start To Float. I’m Speechless!

There are certain music performances that will always replay in your mind. The performance below is a jaw dropper.

Sixteen ladies dressed in red outfits and holding a bunch of flowers enter on stage and surprise the audience with a dance never seen before. Their beautiful traditional Russian dresses mesmerized the audience and captured their attention within a few seconds of their appearance.

It appears like the girls are floating on stage. The music playing in the background is comforting to the ears. All the dancers move in synchronization; nobody misses a beat. At first, they spread out and form a straight line. They later come together and form a circle all in uniformity.

The tune of the girl’s performance is “In the Field Stood a Birch Tree” which is an Old Russian folk song.  The exhilarating performance will leave you speechless.

Watch the incredible performance below. Did you enjoy the dance? Would you dance better than them? Let us know in the comments section.

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