Most hoarders have no intention of becoming one. They have been overwhelmed by the pressures of life at some point, and their desire to care for pets and creatures can easily overwhelm their ability to do so.

It is not uncommon to see houses inhabited by hoarders littered with animal excrement and urine. It is also common to find animals that are not in the best condition. And in some extreme cases, dead animals have been found in the homes of the hoarders.

The Iowa Animal Rescue Association recently used Facebook to inform the public about the worst Rescue League social workers ever. The conditions were horrible and the number of infected animals was unbelievable.

“This is by far the worst storage case ARL Iowa has seen in over 10 years. It is absolutely appalling. I don’t even have the words to describe how serious this is.” said Tom Colvin, CEO of Rescue League. “We were already overwhelmed before this rescue with over 1,100 cats in our care, so we’re going to need a lot of public help with this.”

The house in question is located in central Iowa. It took rescuers an entire day to remove the animals from inside the house.

Speaking to Iowa 5 Local News, Colvin said there were several buildings on the property that had cats inside. So far, more than 180 cats have been rescued from the site, a number roughly identical to those found dead.

Colvin said the air quality inside the house was “toxic”. He said dozens of cats seek the oxygen they need to survive by pressing on the windows of the house. Air quality requires rescuers to wear protective suits and respirators. Despite the precautions, they were only allowed to enter the house every 30 minutes.

“Dozens of cats were pressed against open windows, trying to get fresh air. Air quality levels inside the home are so toxic that ARL rescuers are required to to wear respirators and protective suits and are only allowed inside the house for 30 minutes at a time”.

There was feces two to three feet high in places, and dead cats were stuffed in the freezer and refrigerator.

KSFY reports that 65-year-old owner Dennis Carlson has been charged with five counts of animal neglect and three counts of failing to dispose of dead animals.

The rescue is now focusing on finding homes for rescued cats and urging the public to help by donating to the rescue, volunteering or purchasing items posted to their Amazon wishlist.

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