2-Year-Old Girl Weeps Watching Pixar Movie, Then Makes The Internet Emotional With Real Reason Why

Have you ever cried while watching a film?

Adults and children love the stunning animations created by Pixar films. Most of the people have grown up loving the beloved Pixar animations. 2-year-old Jentree’s case is not different; she is an adorable little Pixar fan.

Jentree was watching “Good Dinosaur, ” and the program had highly touched her raw emotions. The little girl connects with the main character at an emotional level.

Jentree’s grandma is filming and Jentree has something to say.  Grandma asks her what the wrong is and Jentree says the dinosaur is making her sad.

Jentree is on the verge of crying. With her eyes fixed to the television, Jentree says she feels bad for the dinosaur since it got lost in the wilderness. It is apparent there is more to the story, so Grandma pays attention.

Jentree sheds tears for the little dinosaur and tells grandma the poor animal needs his mother.

The 2-year-old even prompts the lost dinosaur to call out for his mama. Despite Grandma’s assurance, Jentree cannot stop crying.

Jentree’ action captured the hearts of many people. Watch the heart-melting video below.

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