Everyone who witnessed an incident in southwest China is still surprised at what happened to a little kid in Sichuan providence. I mean, how does a 2-year-old survive 2 drive-overs by cars in a busy road? Just like that?!

Well, it happened for sure. A couple was busy with other stuff on the street when their kid ran off. The child headed right into the road and then crouched down trying to crawl away. Cars were headed right in his direction and there were no fast escape routes available. What happened next is still boggling the people’s minds!

Two cars drove right over the kid and still left him all safe and sound. How did that even happen? Everyone is dumbfounded at the fact that the little human survived the incident with not even a scratch on his body. This is a miracle!

It was all captured on video. Just hit the “play” button and see it all. You won’t believe it, I tell you. It’s like fiction!

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