2-year-old watches her dad driving away, gives him hilarious “traffic tips” from window

Kids do the dandiest things when we least expect. Two-year-old Olivia is one sassy and opinionated toddler. The little girl watches from the window as her dad drives away. She even wishes him a good day at the store and requests him to bring her an egg sandwich.

Young Olivia instructs her dad on the how the streetlight works and the importance of the seat belt as he drives.

She gives the family blow-by-blow account of her father’s driving. She even reports that daddy is driving very fast.

Nicole DiGiacobbe is a Pennsylvanian mom who blogs about marriage and motherhood. She shared the video on May 4th.

She describes Olivia as a sweet, funny, sassy,and outgoing toddler who displays strong leadership qualities. She sees her daughter as an instructor in traffic schools since she has a stickler for rules. We hope Olivia’s words do not haunt her when she turns 14 and sits behind the wheel. What do you think about this?

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