2-Yr-Old Boy’s Father Dies in Tragic Car Crash, But 8 Months Later He Finds Mysterious Box On His Grave

Cody Wells died at the age of 23 after his car hit a tree in Alabama.

Cody was planning to marry his fiancée Danielle with whom they had a son.  When the police officers came to break the sad news to Danielle, she thought Cody had come to pick up something.

Every afternoon, mother and son visit Cody’s grave at Glenwood Cemetery.

For eight months, the duo diligently visited Cody’s grave. When Christmas Day came, it brought a surprise for mother and son.

Braxton, Cody’s son, saw a box in front of his father’s headstone.  They had no idea what it contained. The little boy hoped his father had sent him a Christmas gift from heaven. It would be the best Christmas surprise for the boy.

The little opened the box and was ecstatic when he saw the Hot Wheels toy car in the package. He was happy and told his mother that his dad flew from heaven to deliver the gift.

Danielle says Braxton misses his father and he was an unhappy boy. However, the Christmas present changed his mood.

Chris Blake, the designer of Cody’s headstone, left the surprise gift for the boy.

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