Sometimes, when I need a good laughter, I start looking for prank videos. These pranks are done to cause mischief and make people laugh. But in the video below, the prank is done for a very good cause.

Melissa is a marine who has two young brothers named JJ and Christian, the three siblings were often seperated from their mother, who was in and out of prison. The two boys ended into foster homes everytime their mother is absent, and while they liked their foster parents, they wanted nothing to be reunited with their big sister.

One day, Melissa got a request from MediocreFilms asking her to be a part of a documentary, but in fact, it wasn’t a documentary but Prank It FWD, a YouTube video series that does pranks for good causes and Melissa had no idea she was taking part of it.



When Melissa grew up, she joined the Marines and worked hard to become moe self-disciplined. She became more responsible, more independent through the journey which made her decided it was time to take her brothers back and raise them herself.

Melissa was only 21 at that time, but she proved herself ready to take care of her young brothers. She went to the court and stood up in front of the judge arguing that she is the perfect person to raise the two boys. The judge saw right away that Melissa is mature behind her young age, but the one thing she lacked was the proper finances, and that’s where Prank It FWD stepped in!

Melissa ended up getting a second cell phone, food and snacks for the road, a prepaid card for gas, $949 in the form of rent for the month, and a brand new RAV4. Needless to say, she was incredibly grateful for all of this!

You have got to see the moment Melissa get this life-changing surprise. We would suggest that you have some tissues handy before you watch this!

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