3 boys in white walk onto stage. Moment they open their mouths, audience gasps over song choice

It’s tough to come across a performance that really makes you step back and say “Wow!”, especially when the star is a group of three kids. That’s why it’s no surprise the following video has been quickly making the rounds online since it was posted to YouTube. These kids really stole the show at the International Children’s Music Festival for the New Year, they gave a lasting impression with this sensitive song.

Originally composed by the duo Secret Garden in 2002, the song actually became a hit when singer Josh Groban made a cover of the song in 2002, which was by Irish band Westlife in 2005. Over the years, hundreds of artistes have recorded the song. In fact, because of the heart-rending quality of the number, it has often been chosen by participants on various singing reality shows – many even nailing the song to perfection. But what sets this rendition apart is the sheer maturity and feeling in the voices of these three kids as they sing the song.

These boys wearing white suits can really sing, and we’re sure even Josh Groban would be impressed with this rendition of his cover. The first young one started singing in his amazingly deep, rich voice. Then his friend to his left takes his turn singing at a slightly higher pitch, then the third boy elevates to the next highest octave for a soprano sound. Probably no one in the audience could expect such amazing voices to come out of a package so small.

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