He then warmly spoke about his own children and grandchildren. Oliver shared, his face beaming, “I have grandchildren. I’ve raised children. The joy of reuniting her with her family is truly heartwarming.”

With Todd safely in their care, the focus shifted towards the apprehension of her kidnapper, and fortunately, this pursuit didn’t drag on. However, it involved crossing another state border before the kidnapper was finally captured in Mississippi. It was later revealed that he was a convicted felon who had been released from prison just a few weeks earlier.

During a candlelight vigil held in Todd’s honor, Mayor Tecklenburg made an emotional announcement: “Heidi Todd is now in the safe hands of the FBI.” His voice quivered with emotion as he continued, “What could have easily been a day of immense tragedy has miraculously transformed into a day of immense joy.”

In Johns Island and throughout the Charleston area, a wave of relief swept over the community as the young girl was joyfully reunited with her family. Meanwhile, in Riverside, Officer Oliver shared that finding Heidi was the pinnacle of his decades-long career in law enforcement. He humbly remarked, “I believe the good Lord placed me in that exact spot at the right time.”

The Todd family issued a statement shortly after their daughter’s return, expressing their gratitude: “We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for their unwavering support during this challenging period. Words cannot fully convey the range of emotions and suffering our family has endured over the past few days. We cannot thank the first responders enough, and we are particularly grateful to the individual in Alabama who personally rescued Heidi and played a pivotal role in reuniting her with us. In the upcoming days, we will rely on your continued prayers and support, and we kindly ask for the privacy and space to reunite and heal as a family.”

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