Kennedy and Natalie are a married couple who love each other to the moon and back. They live in Waldwick, New Jersey, and have 5 children.

All five are girls. Natalie and Kennedy have always dreamed of having a baby boy. At some point, they decided to have a sixth child, and they did it in style!

Of course, they knew they would be happy no matter what. Despite this, as the only man in a family of seven, Kennedy was forgiven for crossing his fingers for the sake of a son.

The couple decided that the sex of the newborn would be kept secret until birth. When the big day finally arrived, Natalie underwent a C-section and her husband was by her side to support her.

There was a camera ready to capture the “special moment”. What happened next is still exciting for the entire internet!

So the operation was done and Kennedy finally had the chance to see the baby. What did the camera capture? The whole delivery room could tell immediately because of Kennedy’s reaction. Watch him get excited with “Oh My God!” And things that even the doctor had to “deal with”. He needed to sit down for that!

Just watch the adorable and intimate reaction here:

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