5 navy men line up on stage – moment they look up, entire crowd goes completely wild

A video of members of the United States Navy band performinh their rendition of classic songs from the show “Jersey Boys.” is going viral. People all over the world are impressed by how talented these American heroes are!

Many people had no idea that the U.S Navy has its own dedicated band, one accompanied by a highly skilled chorus. Known as “The Sea Chanters,” which has been around for over 60 years. The chorus was originally founded by Lieutenant Harold Fultz and a small group of Navy School of Music students who wanted to sing at the State of the Nation celebration.

The Sea Chanters have been actively traveling all over the globe to perform for others, and they definitely do not disappoint. The video below this story shows the chorus performing at the Concerts on the Avenue series at the U.S. Navy Memorial in 2014. The performance has quickly gone viral, being viewed over six million times!

One social media user commented to give some more information about the performers:

Ok, so here is the scoop on these amazing Navy Band Musicians! 1) Musician First Class Michael A. Webb has a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, is a Bass and performed the song “Cherie Baby”. 2) Chief Musician Michael H. Belinkie has a Bachelor of Arts in music and in economics, is a Tenor and performed the song “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. 3) Musician First Class Benjamin L. Bransford, III has a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance, a Bachelor of Music in education, and a Master of Music in choral conducting, is a Tenor and performed the song “Walk Like A Man”. 4) Musician First Class William Edwards, III has a Bachelor of Music, is a Baritone and performed “Rag Doll. 5) Chief Musician Adam C. Tyler has a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance, is a Baritone and performed the opening of the song”Hang On”. They are all capable of reaching the highest of notes in their respective vocal ranges. They are just amazingly talented! BRAVO Navy!

Check out the performance for yourself below:

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