54-year-old nurse goes missing. 10 days later a stranger sees her emerging from woods to reveal a miracle

54-year-old mother, grandmother and dedicated nurse, Sheryl donovan was driving to work when she took a wrong turn. She ran out of gas near the tiny Nevada County town of Camptonville and her car got trapped in the snowy mountains. Without cellphone service and snow flurrying around her, the 54-year-old woman found herself stranded and her nightmare was just about to begin. Having only a bottle of water and crumbs of food, Sheryl survived 10 days eating the snow surrounding her car.

In a 8-minute video posted to Facebook, Ashley, Sheryl’s daughter, tearfully rejoiced at the good news and explained her mother’s miraculous story. “She got lost. She got stuck … She ran out of gas. She didn’t know where she was.” Ashley recounted. “She did everything she could, everything she knew to stay alive.”

After 10 days of her disappearance, Sheryl Donovan managed to walk a mile to a nearby highway, where a good Samaritan spotted her and took her to safety, She had severe dehydration and needed to get checked out by a doctor. Officers were thinking about the worst situation – they were expecting to find Sheryl’s dead body. Now, they are calling her survival story “incredible”.

“I’m a survivor. I was worried I wasn’t going to make it, but I want to give God credit for keeping me alive through the prayers of everyone.” said Sheryl

Watch her Sheryl’s unbelievable ordeal in the video below:

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