6 boys volunteer to carry lonely man’s coffin – then someone says 5 words that gives everyone the chills

There are some lessons students will never learn inside of the classroom. Six boys who school at the Roxbury Latin boys school in Boston learned a powerful lesson outside of the classroom that they will never forget.

The school’s assistant principal named Mike Pojman took the initiative that gave the students the chance to give back to the society.

The boys acted as pallbearers for a homeless man during his funeral. The boys carried the coffins and recited poems and verses in honor of the man. However, the boys did not know the man or any of his family members.

One of the boys made a powerful speech that will move you to tears. Although they are not related to the man, the boys consider themselves as his sons. During his speech, the boy says he is honored to stand before him to commemorate his life.

“Dear Lord, thank you for opening our hearts and minds to this corporal work of mercy. We are here to bear witness to the life and passing of Nicholas Miller,” he said. “He died alone with no family to comfort him.”

Then he continues with five words that brought me to tears, “…today we are his family.”

“We are here as his sons,” the boy continues. “We are honored to stand together before him now, to commemorate his life, and to remember him in death, as we commend his soul to his eternal rest.”

Following this experience, the young men got a new perspective of life and death. They are glad to be part of the team that gave back to the society.

“I know I’m going back, and I’m going to go to school and take another quiz,” Brendan McInerney, one of the boys told npr. “But all that work, you can get caught up in it… When you kind of get out of that bubble that you can kind of stuck in, you get perspective on what’s really important in life.”

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