60-year-old retiring teacher joins students in energetic Uptown Funk routine and completely outshines them all

Age doesn’t define us. No matter how old we are, we can still do whatever we want and Shirley Clements proves it in the best way. Shirley is a high school P.E teacher from North Surrey Secondary school in Canada and she’s about to blow your mind with her dance skills.

Shirely was about to retire in 2015. She dedicated most of her life into teaching, she loved it but she knew it was time to move on. Instead of becoming melancholic, she decided to join her students for a yearly dance competition she started nineteen years previously.

Not only did she impress the school, she was also invited after to perform the routine on “The Ellen DeGeneres show.”

This sixty-year-old woman was captured showing some spectacular moves to Bruno Mars’s famous hit. Not only was this appreciated by the students and audience, it was reported on here at Global News, and Shirley was then asked to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

“It’s surreal, it’s totally surreal. You give something because you want to give a present to somebody and someone had said to me… that maybe you shouldn’t do the dance because people don’t know who you are. And I thought ‘well that’s it then. If I do this, they won’t forget’.”

The now-retired teacher said.

At the end of the performance, she did something the majority of people could never accomplish, a spinning headstand. This was the moment Shirley became a legend. She ended her career with quite a bang. All of her students gathered around her to make sure she received every bit of hype she had earned.

There is nothing quite like a hip-hop competition to prove age is meaningless. Help make sure everyone enjoys the antics of this incredible teacher by passing this on to your friends and loved ones now!

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