When Officer Jody Thompson responded to an alert about an abused kid, he didn’t really expect to run into the inglorious scene that he soon found himself staring at.

There was a little 8-year-old-boy “stuffed” in a corner all scared and in urgent need of help. Officer Jody had to do something, and fast!

He rushed the boy to the hospital and stayed by his side in the ICU. From the moment he saw him, Jody confesses that he instantly knew he wasn’t going to leave that kid out there again. He and his wife decided to adopt John!

John is now a student, an A-material that has brought so much pride and joy to the couple. And it doesn’t end there.

One day, the good couple learned that John had a sister. Apparently, his mom had given birth to a girl while she was in prison. You want to know what happened next? Watch the full story in the video below:

Jody and John’s story hit me right in the feels.

What an outstanding officer and father Jody is, doing all he did for John’s sake. Parenting is truly a force from the heart, not from biological connection.

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