The moment 81-year-old Evelyn Williams entered the stage of Ireland’s Got Talent, everyone including the judges were wondering what this great-grandma is about to do.

Evelyn with her curly hair and sparkly eyes grabbed the mic and looked very comfortable in front of the huge audience. That’s because she is already used to do this. She spent her entire life performing before packed crowds.

But this is her first time performing live on TV. When Evelyn started singing Stephen Sondheim’s fully emotional song “Send in the Clowns,” the audience and judges were instantly jaw-dropped.

The crowd fell in love with her incredible performance. The judges couldn’t help but giving her a standing ovation which made Evelyn burst into tears. Michelle Visage went ahead and hit the Golden Buzzer which means Evelyn is directly qualified to the live semi-finals.

Confetti suddenly rained down on the woman so the judges rushed to her on stage to reassure her that it wasn’t a bomb going off, which Evelyn first thought was happening.

The judge said that this particular song was written and sang by a person who experienced the up and downs of life, making it sense why Evelyn chose to sing it.

Evelyn came to the audition along with her granddaughter who also sings. Her best friend also was in the audience, too

They were stunned to see how much Evelyn’s performance impressed everyone. They knew she’s got some good talent and they could see how captivated the audience was with their beloved Evelyn’s audition.

Evelyn’s husband passed away seven years ago, Evelyn knew the lows that life would bring and how the song was appropriate for her. Her daughter also is in Saudi Arabia and she rarely sees her.

However, Evelyn is still surrounded by people who love her so much. She has six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.. What a big lovely family! Now, she’s becoming a household name with this spectacular and emotionally draining performance on Ireland’s Got Talent.

Watch Evelyn pour her heart and soul into Singing Stephen Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns” (penned for the musical, “A Little Night Music,”) as her granddaughter and best friend cheer her on. It’s truly one of the most precious moments ever!

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