89-year-old gets evicted without warning, then neighbor slips paper in hand before she leaves

89-year-old Angie Tyma lived in her Hudson home for 35 years. Things took a different turn, and the old woman was evicted without prior warning.

Without a roof over her head, Angie was forced alternative shelter in a motel before figuring out the next move. Unknown to Angie, her neighbors were planning a surprise.

When Angie took over the house, she did not want to bother herself with payments that come with owning a home. Angie found a buyer for the house. Angie rented the house and paid a monthly lump sum to the buyer.

The owner stopped using Angie’s money to pay for the mortgage, and the bank was forced to throw her out. Angie was a darling of the people, and her neighbors appreciated the role she played in the neighborhood.

One of the neighbors had known of Angie’s eviction, and she devised a way to help the old woman. Angie would receive her surprise on her birthday, three weeks after the eviction.

Learn what happened in the video below.

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