89-yr-old man forced to work again after daughter’s death—Then community decides something has to be done

Just imagine it: A 90-year-old man pushing a cart and selling sweets on the streets. Doesn’t quite feel right, does it? Heck NO!

For Fidencio Sanchez, there just wasn’t any other way to foot his wife’s medical bills when she fell ill. Sanchez had also lost his daughter just recently, so there was no one else left to help him out. The only way he and his lovely wife could survive is if he came out of retirement and went back into earning. For a man of such age, there couldn’t possibly be another job except this, and he took it!

But his life took another turn when a customer, Joel Cervantes Macias, came along. Joel couldn’t live with the sight of an old, helpless man struggling to make ends meet, so he snapped a photo of him pushing the cart and took the initiative. He shared the photo online. It went viral so fast that a GoFundMe account was quickly opened to help out the man. The target was just $3,000. The result? People contributed over $380,000 in a matter of days.

As all this happened, Fidencia had no idea. He only came to learn of it at the church. What a pleasant surprise!

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