When the Riverdance group stepped on stage, the audience was not prepared for a breathtaking performance. Thankfully, the magical moment was captured on camera and shared with all.

The Riverdance group began in 1994 when the Irish dancing champions Michael Flatley and Jean Butler joined the group. Since then, they have been entertaining people all over the globe.

The dances involve a small number of dancers who recreate varying dancing routines. Most of the dance moves bear the name of famous Irish rivers ranging from Liffey to Lagan to Bann

The naming tradition keeps the dancing spirit of the group alive. It also honors their origin. Whenever the dancers step on stage and start their routine, the crowd goes berserk.

The group’s dance routine is breathtaking from the start as the dancers tap and twirl their way around the stage. It begins with male dancers but later the females join them.

The music is flawless and so are their dance moves. The dancers also incorporate drums into the dance routine.

Watch the amazing performance and let us know what you think.

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