9-Yr-Old Boy Visits Twin’s Grave, But Mom Loses It The Moment She Hears What He Shares

Walker and Willis, identical twins, suffered from a rare condition known as twin transfusion syndrome or TSS. 9-year-old Walker survived but his brother Willis died.  Twins who suffer from such conditions share the same placenta and get various health complications during birth and early life.

Walker never met his twin brother but they share a strong bond. During their birthday and every other holiday, Walker visits his brother’s grave.

Walker shares the special moments of his life with his twin. He knows he will never see his brother but that does not stop him from celebrating his brother’s life.

Walker’s parents and other siblings began an annual walk to raise awareness on TSS. The entire family celebrates Willie’s life and supports other families with such problems.

Brooke, Willie’s mom explains the devastating effects of losing her son. She also explains how to find peace and happiness in such a situation.

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