90-Yr-Old Grandma’s Favorite Song Plays On and The Internet is Dazzled By Her Daring Moves

Whitney Houston fans, hands up please!

The late Whitney Houston was a renowned R& B and soul singer with a powerful voice. She sold over 200 million copies of her music and her influence won the heart of her fans across all ages.

90-Year-Old Jeanne Harr is one such fan.

Harr lives with her grandson, Adam Forgie, in Utah. The duo has devised the perfect way to pass the time together. Besides ensuring grandma is well-fed, cared for, and safe, Adam is tasked with keeping her entertained too. Sometimes, they play a simple board game, read an engaging book, or watch a television show.

Today, grandma and son decided to do something different. They decided to sing and dance to the late Houston’s song.

Before the dance begins, Harr gives her reasoning for the video in a slightly tearful voice.  The music begins,” I Wonna Dance With Somebody”, in the background. The song won a Grammy Award in 1987 for the Best Female Pop Vocal performance in 1987. The song has remained a popular dance song over the years.

Harr dances her heart out.

Adam films his grandma for a few minutes before joining her. He brings his energy into the performance.

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