Adele Spots Autistic Teen’s Sign and Brings Her Onstage, Gets Stunned By Teen’s Incredible Vocals

While other desperate celebrities scramble to do crazy stuff just to get in the spotlight, people like Adele only need to show up in a public place and everyone will talk about them. However, singer Adele isn’t the type to brag about anything or seek cheap publicity. Adele touches lives instead!

Back in 2016, the singer had a concert in Manchester, England. During the show, a little girl was spotted holding up a sign spelling out her wish to one day get the chance to sing with Adele. The kind-hearted celebrity couldn’t ignore that!

The fact that 12-year-old Emily has ADHD and Autism didn’t deter Adele from inviting the cute princess onstage and going on to sing with her right in front of the whole audience. The song is “Someone Like You,” one of Adele’s greatest hits. The girl has the vocals to get it done. Adele was so impressed. You’ll be too!

Watch as the two sing and get the crowd roaring with applause. If this steals your heart, hit the SHARE button and also talk about it in a comment!

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