Adorable 3-year-old girl sits at piano and giggles. Within moments, she leaves whole internet spellbound

When kids are 3 years old, they are starting to realize what’s going on around them, they are living a critical period when they’re curious almost about everything surrounding them and start grow up into kids who will eventually head off to kindergarten.

They learn day by day basic lessons that will be needed from now on in their daily life.

However, we come across some kids who are extremely intelligent comparing to their little age, we’re talking about this tiny adorable girl who became so good at one particular thing…

Most 3-year-old kids still haven’t learned how to tie their shoes, read or write,. But this little one is already doing something that’s leaving everyone in awe.

Charlotte is an adorable 3-year-old who takes piano lessons from Do Re Mi in Hong Kong. In this video, she’s seen walking to a black piano and sitting on the bench, then a woman behind the camera asks to her to play a song for her.

Don’t even expect this little girl to play you easy tiny pieces like “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater” or “Chopsticks.” She’s actually an amazing piano prodigy whose video has been viewed more than 5 million times.

Charlotte, following the woman’s request, starts playing with her small fingers “Allegretto in F” by J.C. F. Bach. If I ever listened to this without seeing who’s playing it, I would never think of a 3-year-old but a professional adult pianist.. This is absolutely incredible!

Charlotte is obviously has a big love for piano, she even hums along with her piece, clearly immersed in the musical moment.

It is recommended for children to start learning piano at age of 5. But there is some cases of children who began learning it at a younger age and they’re now very good at it.

Watching Charlotte playing with such ease and comfort makes us think that she’s been playing piano when she was just a newborn. The way her fingers move flawlessly across her piano keys and how her body sways to the piece is truly impressive.

We are pretty sure if she keeps up like this, Charlotte will be a piano master in just a few years. She’s already well on her way now!

Listen to this child’s amazing talent in the video below – then watch at the very end when she shows that she’s still just an itty bitty girl blessed with an exceptional gift.

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