Agressive Panhandler Threw Missiles At a Woman’s Car. What Happened Next? She Got What She Deserved!

There’s that video that has been making waves on the internet. It featured a woman begging for money while faking homelessness. The clip has since been brought down from YouTube, but not before 2 million people had a good look at it!

Well, it seems that the lady in question wasn’t out of trouble yet. After police accosted the lady for her faked homeless status, she left for McDonald’s where she started complaining about them. However, no one bothered. Shortly after, she got cuffs on her hands!

Apparently, the police responded to a separate call where a woman was claimed to be acting all disorderly and violent. Turns out, it was the same “homeless” woman, Micha Leigh Dominguez. She had been involved in an altercation with another woman and ended up throwing “missiles” at the other lady’s car. Dominguez is claimed to have “fired” 3 Gatorade bottles at the moving car, and that’s what got her in trouble again.

She was taken into custody for the offense. Watch the clip and see exactly what happened.

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