Airport Agent Says Passenger Who Asks Question, Has to Sing. Then One Guy Breaks into Hilarious Performance

Airplanes are amazing inventions. Imagine, if we had to use horse carriage to travel across the country! Planes make traveling fast and easy.

As much we appreciate flying, nothing is exciting about waiting around the gate when the flight is delayed. Flight delays cause a lot of inconveniences. There is nothing as boring as sitting around doing nothing.

A group of flyers decided to entertain themselves during such an incident.  It was nothing short of a party.


Mike Valada was one of the travelers. Mike and the rest of the passengers were at the Nola South gate. Anyone who asked a question concerning the flight delay was required to sing.

One of the guys was not afraid of the demands. He took up the task wholeheartedly. At first, it appears like he is wrapping up the “Wonderwall” rendition. However, when the recording starts, he performs “No Diggity” that left everyone in stitches. 50 seconds into his performance, the entire gate joined him.

The man concludes his performance with a well-earned mic drop.

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