What exactly happened with Bill and Linda Modry who were both thrilled to finally meet their adopted granddaughter. They have prepared a special gift for your lovely new family member so that you will remember this moment forever.

Unfortunately, when they arrived at the airport security gate, they had to throw away the gift.

Amari Hernandez and her boyfriend were waiting at St Pete Clearwater International Airport when they witnessed the crash.

Amari wrote on Facebook: “I saw a man who wouldn’t be allowed to take his package on the plane.” The man looked at the officer and said, “Can I leave her at the airport instead of lost and found. It’s a snowball for my adopted grandson.”

But the officer still refused the man’s request.

Amari wrote on Facebook: “The officer told him to put it in file 13” and pointed to the trash: “The man was injured and he threw it in the trash.”

We love you, Nana and Baba

When Amari sees the grieving grandfather walk away from the litter crying, it breaks my heart. Her boyfriend decided to go pick up the package. When they opened, they discovered something beautiful inside, a snow globe with pictures of the couple and the little girl inside.

Engraved with the message: We love you Katie, Nana and Dad 1/25/16.

Amari was desperate to return the precious gift to its rightful owners and posted a message on Facebook in an attempt to reunite the couple with the gift.

Al-Ammari was determined to deliver the precious gift to its rightful owners, which is why he posted a message on Facebook asking for help in locating the couple.

His post instantly went viral. Over 40,000 people shared it. Fortunately, he caught the eye of a certain person. An employee of “Things Remembered”, the company that made a personalized snow globe, saw Amarri’s message and contacted him.

The employee pored over company reports until she finally found out who the person who had given the snowball order was. It was Linda Modry. Al-Amari called her quickly and returned her expulsion. That’s when I realized how special the package was.


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