Obviously, Eileen was touched by the gesture, but that’s not all the young starlet has in store for her. Kai also sang “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran. He sang with his little heart and even made adorable hand gestures to represent the lyrics. This kid is clearly going to have his heart broken one day!

Towards the end of his show, the audience started screaming. Kai, who was so focused on singing that his eyes were closed, didn’t notice the commotion. At first, we didn’t know why the audience was clapping. Then Ed Sheeran comes on stage.

The English singer-songwriter sits quietly behind Kai and waits for him to finish singing. Sheeran was clearly thrilled to see an 8-year-old sing one of his songs with such passion. At the end of the song, Eileen asks Kay to turn around. Kai, who is usually incredibly open-minded, was stunned by the silence. After the initial shock of seeing his idol standing in front of him, he managed to mumble “hello” to the international pop star.

Ed Sheeran once again took the stage to perform “Shape of You”, but not before Eileen surprised young Kai with an all-expenses-paid trip to Manchester, England. It turns out that music isn’t Kai’s only love, he’s also a big football fan.

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