As babies start to understand their surroundings, they may develop emotions about what they see. According to What To Expect, babies tend to have favorites and express their feelings once they recognize faces.

While object permanence and memory come later in a baby’s development, it’s important to note that sometimes a baby might forget a face, so parents shouldn’t worry if their baby doesn’t remember someone. What To Expect suggests that parents should let their children study the faces of their family members, so they can remember and recognize them next time.

In a heartwarming video, baby Aria recognized her aunt during a video call and excitedly shared her day with her. The aunt listened intently as the baby babbled on, making surprised expressions and gesturing with her arms.

The video ended with the two lovingly conversing, showing their strong and genuine bond. While it’s unclear how long they spoke after the video ended, the connection between the aunt and niece was clearly evident.

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