On October 31, Brittany woke up to find that her waters had broken a week earlier. She and her family went to Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tennessee, and checked in around 12:30 p.m.

There they find an obstetrician, Dr. Paul Luxe in a purple Joker suit, shaggy green hair, and clown makeup. Specifically, he was dressed as a Heath Ledger for the character seen in the Batman films.

Far from being upset to see their doctor dressed as a villain, Sylves was delighted. Brittany already laughed and later stated that the outfit calmed her down. Her husband Justin took pictures to post on social media.

After setting up Brittany, Dr. Lux left to take some tours. Came back at 4 pm. To check on her and discover that she is not ready to give birth. Then he announced his intention to go home, hand out candy, and get dressed more professionally. The allies were disappointed to hear the last part.

Brittany was ready to deliver at 8 p.m., and Dr. Lucas, still wearing his Joker costume, was back to bring his newest self into the world according to the Inside Edition. She was a girl and the family called her Oaklin.

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