Beloved Teacher Is Battling Cancer. Students Surprise Her With Emotional Tribute That Brings Her To Tears

When you got a life-changing diagnosis, the first thing you want to do is receive love and support from your loved ones. You want everyone to stay by your side through the hard journey and feel that everything will be OK.

Teacher Adriana Lopez discovered that she has breast cancer. The moment she knew about it, she felt her world was crashing down around her. But she wasn’t alone, she is surrounded by a strong support system than she firstly thought.

Fellow teacher, Ms Lisa, understands the emotional and physical hardships Adriana is going through, so she came up with an idea to help lift her spirits and there isn’t someone better than kids to do it.

They prepared a special song to dedicate to her and remind her how much she’s a beloved and inspiring woman

With an idea in mind, the leader of the school’s PS22 Chorus recreated the lyrics to Martina McBride’s famous song, ‘I’m Gonna Love You Through It’, to make them applicable to Mrs Lopez.

They then prepared a special performance for Mrs Lopez, where the choir surprised her by serenading her with the emotional song to remind her that she is not alone while she goes through this hard time. Understandably, the touching song left Mrs Lopez in floods of tears.

The song perfectly reminds her how many lives she has touched as a teacher, and how you always have people who care about you, even sometimes in unlikely places.

Watch the video for yourself to see the beautiful rendition and have a box of tissues at the ready – it’s a tearjerker!

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