You might be wondering why, in this whole white world, people can find joy in someone else’s misfortune. However, in the case of this better man, the church congregation could not keep him. You are about to enter all at once!

The scene takes place during a wedding that takes place in the church. At this point, we all know that the best man and other important “bride members” are indispensable. On this occasion, we have the best man who has just had an unfortunate accident. Imagine that the witness loses his pants on the day of the wedding!

The good thing about it all is the incredible fun it caused among the guests. Everyone cried laughing at what they had just seen, but that was just the beginning. Even the craziest things have happened!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you started laughing and couldn’t stop? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the groom!

Although he was at the altar on his wedding day, he couldn’t help but laugh after the best man’s misfortune. What’s even more hysterical is that he’s wearing a microphone, so you can hear his baby laughing loud and clear in the video.

it’s so funny! Watch the event turn into a laugh-out-loud session with the whole church in a moment of unstoppable hysteria. 

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