Those unfamiliar with black bears may wonder how comfortable the animal felt approaching humans. Black bears, unlike grizzly bears, found ways to survive in areas where cities and towns had replaced large parts of the forest. These bears can hide out of sight of humans and feed on garbage cans, reports the Humane Society. Sometimes they break into people’s homes and bomb refrigerators.

Maryland officials were probably not amused. Under Maryland law, feeding wild bears is illegal. There are good reasons for this law. Approaching a bear is very dangerous. Additionally, bears can overcome the idea that people will always provide food, causing the creatures to continue to grow closer to humans. This could endanger the lives of humans and bears.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources suggests that people try to scare away black bears when you get too close. Yelling, yelling, and banging pots and pans are on the list of suggestions. The noise can scare the bear away, and that’s the best result. Keep the bear away from people as much as possible while discouraging future encroachments.

The family in the video is lucky. Someone could have been seriously injured or worse.

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