The bride radiated absolute beauty, yet even more captivating were the sentiments she shared with her guests. According to Rumble, her sister captured and shared a video of the speech in May 2017. Initiating her speech, the bride requested the cops, impeccably dressed in suits, to stand behind the groom—men with whom he had forged such a profound bond that they were akin to brothers.

Surprise registered on the faces of the groom and his friends as the bride continued her speech, describing the men as “brave, courageous, headstrong, heroes, role models, selfless.” She highlighted the genuine camaraderie between the cops and her husband, emphasizing that they had each other’s backs, having all taken the same oath together.

She elaborated, expressing, “Since knowing James, I’ve grown a deep respect for the job that these men do every day. For the brave face they put on before each shift and for risking their lives for strangers who will never truly appreciate a small gesture one of these men in uniform might have done for them.”

Continuing, she emphasized the humanity of these officers, underscoring their families and emotions. Delving into the dangers inherent in their profession, she redirected the focus to her husband and herself, stating, “I cannot thank these men enough for what they do. They have all, in one way, looked out for James, had his back on a call, and made sure he got home safe every night. I can never repay them for that.”

Fighting back tears, the impassioned bride unveiled a small gesture aimed at spreading kindness to everyone at the wedding. She disclosed that she had purchased $3 gift cards for Dunkin’ Donuts for all the guests, suggesting they use them to buy coffee for any officer they encounter as a token of gratitude. Though a modest gesture, its impact promised broader ripples in the community. Expressing deep appreciation, the bride declared, “We love them, we’re gonna support them no matter what,” highlighting the profound value she placed on those in the law enforcement profession.

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