If you ask anyone which is his/her unforgettable day, he or she will tell you that it’s the wedding day. On this day, you need to plan it carefully so that it can be a wonderful one.

In the clip below, we see Ronny with a smile on his face as he eagerly awaits for his bride to show up down the aisle. He is not aware that the bride and her father are planning to do the unexpected.

While waiting, the Norwegian church doors slid open and Ronny was able to spot Maria marching down the aisle with her dad while holding hands. Maria had entered the church with a microphone in her left hand. Suddenly she neared the microphone to her mouth and started to sing “You Raise Me Up.”  Ronny and all the crowd at the church were shocked. Her dad also joined her and they sang together the song, changing a few lines to suit the wedding ceremony. The father told the crowd that the time had reached for him to hand out his daughter…

Her dad’s statement made her even more emotional. By the time she was at the altar, the entire crowd in the church had had their share of emotions.

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