Brother Tries To Make Fun Of Her Makeup Asks ‘What’s On Your Face?’. Her Reply Has Everyone Rolling With Laughter

6-year-old Khloe had the perfect response for her 18-year old brother who was trying to mess with her. Kyle, Khloe’s brother, always expected nothing to go wrong with his sister. Unknown to Kyle, the little girl has a sassy attitude and a mouth that would inspire some adults.

Khloe loves to try her mother’s makeup, and her brother decided to tease her.  The adventurous little girl went for lipstick and fancy eye shadow from her mother’s makeup collection. With a lady-like stroll, she approached her big brother.

Kyle was filming the entire show. Kyle asked Khloe what was on her face. The little girl with the sassy attitude of a teenager and the confidence of a grown up gave her a brother a stink before answering his question.

“Beauty” The little lady replied.

Her simple answer and confident tone made all the adults in the room burst out in laughter. Nobody saw that response coming; the joke was on them.

After sharing the video online, people have commended the little girl for her confidence. She has won the heart of the Internet, thanks to her “clap back.”

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