Bullied teen doesn’t dare go to school prom – then 120 bikers knock on her door

At just 16, Shannon Purcifer has seen the miserable side of life. At such a young age, she has suffered many diseases, from arthritis to bowel infections. But it’s the bullies that almost made her life unlivable.

When she figured prom was months away, Shannon was an excited girl. She always looked forward to that magical night. She even bought her dress months well in advance and prepared herself for the ultimate transformation that comes with the enviable life event. But it never happened.

It’s all because some of her schoolmates decided to start bullying her because of her condition. It went on for days, weeks, and months. The girl was breaking. She couldn’t take it anymore. When prom night came around, she was way too weak for it. She couldn’t gather the energy to show her face at the event. It broke her mom’s heart into pieces. It’s breaking mine too!

But that’s not the end of it. Her mom decided to take the ultimate revenge. She posted her girl’s dress on Facebook along with the touching story. What happened next will melt your heart. Just watch and see.

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