Bus driver notices two frightened kids walking on the sidewalk, immediately knows something is wrong

Bus drivers are used to seeing a lot of things in their line of duty. They are experts at spotting things that seem unusual.

Jeannie, a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver, was going about her usual routine when she noticed something unusual. As a bus driver, she knew her usual routine,  but on this day something was a miss. She noticed two kids, aged 1 and 3, walking on the sidewalk.

Her motherly instincts sensed danger, and she stopped the bus. She had to act fast.

There was no adult accompanying the two children. They appeared frightened and lost. Jeannie stepped out of the bus and approached the children without scaring them away.

Jeannie questioned the five-year-old who was holding her brother’s hand. She asked where they were going, where they lived, and home they lived with. Where could be the two children be going on their own?

Jeannie called the police who helped trace their parents. Apparently, the kids had walked away from their babysitter.

They were going to the relative who lived nearby, but they got lost. Fortunately, the children were reunited with their parents.

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