There is an unspoken trust between drivers and passengers. The passengers hope the drivers will get them to their destinations safe and sound. The driver, on the other hand, hopes the passengers will show common courtesy throughout the journey.

However, when you are dealing with children, it is impossible to tell what could happen next.

One driver was carrying children on her bus.  All was well till one of her 5-year-old passenger got into trouble.

The little boy was having fun when he swallowed a penny. One of the children alerted her and her reaction was automatic.

The heroic driver left her seat in a split second. She helped the little boy out without reprimanding him. While others would have panicked, the woman saved the little boy’s life.

The dash cam captured the entire incident. The bus driver is an unsung heroine who showed her love and care for others. She is passionate enough to do duties beyond her job description.

Watch the heartwarming footage below and let us know what you think about it.

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