Simon Cowell is hard to please, but 9-year- Celine wowed the judge beyond words. Celine Tam has a tiny stature and mighty voice that brought the entire audience to their feet.

Celine auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Celine and her family love Celine Dion. Naturally, Celine chose to sing a song by her idol. Simon rolled his eyes obviously hoping for a terrible performance from the 9-year old. On this day little Celine sang “My Heart Will Go On.”

Celine’s parents loved Celine Dion; they even named their youngest child Dionne. We are yet to see if the toddler will follow her sister’s footsteps.

With a microphone in her hand, Celine Tam sang her heart out. The crowd and the judges could not contain their excitement with every line Celine sang. Even Simon was impressed.

As expected, Celine received a standing ovation for her electrifying performance. She booked herself a spot in the next stage by perfectly nailing a difficult song.

Take a look at this little girl’s amazing performance in the video below:

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