Cheerful 93-Yr-Old Can’t Stop Giggling While Working Out. Her Exercise Routine Will Brighten Your Day

Despite an advanced age, some old people show that it is possible to keep the heart of children!

And for that, Helene Z. Miller, 93 years old of Pierre, South Dakota, decided to hit the gym, three times every week, for some light chair exercises with her personal trainer, Elizabeth Zanin.

Joana Zanin visited her mother, Elizabeth, at Anytime Fitness where she works, she then witnessed Helene having her regular exercise session. Expecting that this is exactly the sort of thing that the people of the internet would love, Joana recorded a bit of the workout, and it is totally adorable.

For two years now, Elizabeth has been working with Helene, helping her to coordinate her movements, and keeping up her balance and strength. It seems to be working out very well as Helene seems as nimble and happy as ever.

“She always comes in with the best attitude,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth has been working with Helene three times a week for nearly two years, focusing on coordination, balance and strength through their workouts. It seems to be doing a great job as Helene seems as cheerful and happy as ever.

Three years ago, Helene started having health issues, which kicked her into action to become healthier and live life to the fullest.

“When I don’t go to the gym, I’m like a different person; it gives me something to look forward to,” Helene says.

Joana, loved the video so much she posted it on Twitter, helping to spread a little of happiness around the world. Without a single doubt, everyone fell in love with Helene’s cheerful face and outgoing personality. The video is going super viral with over 8 million views.

“Just watching her joy and hearing her laughter made me appreciate the little things in life so I wanted to share that with the world!” Joana said.

Watch Helene enjoying her workout. Her brightening attitude proves you’re never too old to enjoy exercise and have fun!

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