Cheerleader’s ‘optical illusion’ dance routine will go down in their school’s history

It’s a fact that so many kids don’t enjoy going to school, but there is one thing that always makes them excited about school is homecoming day. Everyone looks forward to this big universal celebration.

Those who participate in the homecoming prepare hard to show their best skills in front of the other students. This cheerleading squad, for exemple, didn’t want to miss this opportunity to show what they’ve got. That’s why they’ve come up with a dance routine that blew everyone’s mind.

Their efforts weren’t in vain as they made a stunning performance that has wowed both those in their school and the entire internet! While this video is from many years ago, it still cannot fail to impress.

At the beginning of the performance, the girls walked onto the stage in a line with their hands held behind their backs and their chins up in the air. So far, it looked like nothing out of the ordinary – but that was all about to change!

Getting into an unusual formation, several of the girls stood in the middle of the floor in a circle with their backs turned to each other while they faced the audience. The other cheerleaders got down on their knees in a circle around them.

When the music started, the girls on the floor began to pop their bodies up and down in wave-like fashion, moving in complete rhythm with each other. The moves took everyone by such surprise that those in the audience started to even scream out cheers.

Then, the girls separated and all laid down on different spots on the floor. Despite being unable to see each other, they moved in complete sync with one another. When it seemed like it couldn’t get any better, it did!

The girls repositioned into two lines and held onto each other’s arms, making a moving pattern that made the crowd go insane. Those who have viewed the video online were equally wowed, with one person commenting that the choreographer of the dance is “a legend”. Another viewer said that they felt like they were viewing a masterpiece instead of just watching high-schoolers.

While cheerleaders commonly get of criticism for being preppy and snobby, this video is proof that they are actually hard-working dancers and athletes. Watch the video for yourself to see what you think of this awesome routine. Have you ever seen cheerleaders perform anything like it? We can only hope that these girls went on to cheer in college as well.

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