Cher herself has spoken openly about the transition and acceptance of her sons with her, revealing that while she accepted his decision and wanted him to be happy, it only hurt him after he started. his transition. “It’s a strange change for a mother to go through,” she told The Sunday Times in 2013.

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The pop legend said she was afraid she wouldn’t recognize Chaz when she saw him again and asked him not to change his old answering machine greeting. And when it comes to her gender pronouns, Cher admitted she gets it wrong “all the time.”

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Just as Chaz’s friends and family have had to adjust to change, so has the scientist, who first met Chaz as Chastity in the ’70s on The Sonny and Cher Show. While much of the public responded with messages of support and praise for Chazz’s bravery in posting his experience, others didn’t understand.

After it was announced that Chaz would be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, trolls started sending him name calling and threats on social media. “Fortunately, nothing serious happened after the threats, but I paid attention to safety,” he said.

As for her son’s anti-transgender comments, Cher had none and did what she does best; I took to Twitter to applaud all the trolls.

“I bet the vast majority of people will love Chazz on DWTS!” I tweeted at the time.

She also makes a point of helping others understand what it means to be transgender and why some may choose to convert. “For people who don’t understand that, I try to help them understand, saying, you know, ‘I would love to be a woman, but if I wake up tomorrow and I’m a man, I can’ it doesn’t work,” she explained.

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Now, the two have a better relationship than in the past. “We’re in the best place we’ve been since she was little,” Cher said. And I have to say ‘she’ because chastity was ‘her’ then and I have to distinguish Chaz as he is now.

The singer also hailed her son’s transition as a “success story”, saying he was “happier than ever”.

Chaz now uses her experience to help others struggling with their gender identity. He wrote a book about his own exiting experience called Family Outing: A Guide to the Exit Process for Gays, Lesbians and Their Families, and gave audiences insight into his transition through his 2011 documentary, Becoming Chazz. .

Today, Chaz enjoys a sense of peace that only comes after coming to terms with his identity. He currently lives with his girlfriend, ex-child actress Sarah Blue Mathis, whom he has been dating since 2019, in West Hollywood.

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