Sarah Karmel was an ambitious young and beautiful lady who always dreamed big. She wanted to make it to Hollywood, but this wanna be actress soon started hanging with influential people and ended up pregnant.

When she realized she was carrying a child and that her dreams could be crushed, she felt devastated. Her only thought was to get rid of the child, but at that stage of the pregnancy, that was impossible.

All Sarah was interested in was to get back to the parties and the fun life she led before and do all in her power to become famous. She, however, ended up working as a waitress at a downtown 24-hour diner.

She was determined to put the baby up for adoption the moment she was born, but it was then that her mother learned of Sarah’s condition and made her change her mind.

The thing was that Sarah’s mother loved the thought of being a grandma and offered to cover all the expenses about the child and even pay rent and hire a nanny. “I will pay the rent,” Sarah’s mom said. “And I’ll give you an allowance, so you can look after the baby… Please, Sarah, don’t give the little one away! It’s your baby.”

Sarah agreed to keep the baby. She was getting money from her mom and could afford the life she always dreamed of while her mom took care of her baby daughter Mia.

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Unfortunately, around the time Mia turned four, Sarah’s mom passed away. She left Sarah plenty of money, but she was careless and spent it very quickly. What she could live out of for years got wasted in a matter of months.

One day, as Mia was playing with her friends at the park, she fell off a climbing frame and injured her spine. When she regained her consciousness, she was at the hospital, unable to move her legs.

Doctors had devastating news. Without surgeries and intensive rehab, Mia wouldn’t be able to walk ever again. Of course, those surgeries and treatments cost plenty of money, and Sarah wasn’t willing to pay for anything. Instead, she simply disappeared and was nowhere to be found when she learned how much Mia’s surgeries would cost. She provided the hospital with a fake address and contact number. A few days later, the hospital received a notarized declaration which said that she’s declining any responsibility for Mia and that she was giving her up for adoption.

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It was pediatrician Anna Joubert who broke the news to Mia. The child was devastated, to say the least. “My mom’s not coming back?” she asked in a state of shock. “Is it because I’m broken? Please tell her I’ll get well! I will!”

These words touched Dr. Joubert to the core. It was then that she decided to treat Mia as her own and cover all costs regarding her healing. Eventually, she and her husband adopted Mia and helped her walk again.

Years later, when Mia turned 18, she and her adoptive parents were headed to a nice restaurant to celebrate Mia’s graduation from law school with highest honors.

Mia turned into a gorgeous young lady, with long legs and blonde hair. She truly resembled a princess.

As she and her mom and dad stepped out of the limo, they spotted a homeless woman begging for money in front of the place. When the woman saw Mia, who was wearing designer clothes and expensive jewelry, she thought she was an easy target.When Mia’s mom took the wallet out to hand the woman some money, Mia took her hand and told her not to do it. She recognized the woman, it was Sarah, her birth mother.“You?” she asked. “Mom, is that you?” to what Sarah replied, “No, honey, I’m not your mom. Nice, pretty girl like you? Only had one kid, and she was a useless cripple!”

“That would be me,” Mia said calmly. “I’m the useless cripple. Or I was. As you can see, I’ve recovered, thanks to my parents.”

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“Please,” Sarah said, clutching at Mia’s arm. “Please help me out! You can afford it. With those fancy clothes and jewelry? You struck it lucky with those two — and you can thank me for it!”

“Thank you?” asked Mia. “Yes, I can thank you for all the nights I cried, wondering why I didn’t deserve your love, believing I deserved to be abandoned. Here, mother, here are my thanks.”

Mia then took out a $20 bill and put it in Sarah’s hand. She then entered the place with the two people who gave her a new lease on life and meant the world to her, her adoptive parents.

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