Cop Spots Elderly Woman Dancing Alone, Turns Up The Radio and Joins in on The Impromptu Dance Party

Spoiler alert: By the time you get through this story and video, you’ll be tuning your radio and dancing. This was captured on a dash cam on a police patrol vehicle when Sgt. Kim Lenz of Austin Police Department came across an old lady during his patrols.
Turns out, he already knew the woman, 92-year-old lady called Millie Seiver.

Apparently, Millie loves walking around the street every day, and when she gets tired of walking, she switches to dancing. And that lady can dance!

When the cop spotted her, he decided to change his usual routine of just waving and passing by. Instead, he pulled over and stepped out of the car to have a chat with the senior dancer. They immediately became friends and the cop asked her what station she was listening to. Next? Fireworks!

These two can be quite a dancing team. Kim uploaded the video on the internet and it immediately got the world on fire. People are in love! Just watch and SHARE too!

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