Have you ever found yourself in a horrifying situation that happened to just pop up without a warning? If you have, then you’ll understand the terror this couple went through when this happened to them. I can’t fathom!

So this couple is in their car and driving down a street. The street appears mostly empty and everything seems fine. And then things suddenly take another turn!

A huge tornado appears out of nowhere and hits the car from behind, sending plants flying, debris, everything in the way. The guy can’t even see the road clearly. He tries his hardest to maintain control of the wheel. He succeeds, but not before another woman walking on the side of the road gets knocked over by the strong wind. She tries to get up and clutch down again to safety. This is horrible!

The incident lasted about a few seconds, but you can clearly identify with its huge impact. The couple was shaken to the core. Thankfully, they survived the scary ordeal. Watch the full clip here and witness.

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