He is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, while she is from Venezuela. Chase and Maria met while working in Madison, Wisconsin before deciding to move to Nashville together. One fateful day, Maria was having a bad day at work and had an idea, so she texted Chase for no reason: “Let’s buy a bus. And that’s how on April 6, 2018, they did it!

The couple each had a non-negotiable. For Chase, it was his hammock. He installed rings on the roof of the strongest part of the bus, and when he wanted to, he attached his swing to the swing and put it in it. “It was a nice place to retreat to while we were building the bus,” he said. “We opened all the windows…let the breeze in.”

The hammock also serves as an extra bed for sleeping. Chase notes that it took a total of four months to build the bus and it came to less than $16,000 spent, taxes, registration, etc.

The only challenge of living in a working bus is keeping your furniture and things in place. Chase and Maria explain how the drawers sometimes open and close from all motion and mess things up inside the drawer. They say they’re still trying to figure out how to hold things together.

One of the couple’s tips for living on the buses is to make your own stuff rather than buy it. Since their space is so funky (of course, it’s a bus), many items you can buy off the shelf don’t fit in the dimensions of the bus.

The buses have a curved roof, so one couple regretted buying the kitchen cabinets instead of making them. But aside from that, the couple love their cooking. Chase managed to get a good deal on the fridge, and it only cost them $250. They placed their sink where they would share the plumbing with the bathroom directly behind it.

The couple’s living room has two separate sofas that double as a bed for guests when they come. This is also where their dog sits while driving, as leaving it on the floor of the bus while they are on the road causes them to slip a lot!

Maria’s vanity was non-negotiable. She’s a freelance makeup artist who also gives makeup tutorials on YouTube, so having her own makeup space was a must.

The vanity is located right next to the bed, which looks compact but is actually positioned leaving plenty of room for Maria to sit down and put on her makeup.

The TV nook is right across from their bed, and Maria says Chase spends a lot of time playing video games on it. It’s amazing how they maximized the end of the bus to create their master bedroom!

The whole bus so far looks like an RV on steroids, and it’s totally stylish.

“I think the biggest part of driving this bus was the initial fear that it was a 21,000 pound vehicle and you were driving it in Nashville traffic, but after about the first 50 miles on the bus you feel like you’re driving a normal car to the point where we’re driving in a normal car… It’s weird, a lot,” Chase shares.

Chase explains their placement in the toilet. The couple decided to use composting toilets for more sustainability. Composting toilets operate without water and instead rely on sawdust, coconut shell or similar dry material to directly compost the waste. Growing up, Chase often went camping with his family, so he didn’t bother cleaning up the dump.

He also mentions how, since they’re on the road so often, they visit many state parks to sort out their restroom needs in the middle.

They even have a shoe on the bus where Chase stores climbing gear. You have to see this tour for yourself, the words here don’t do it justice at all.

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